FAQ Promotion: Affiliate link, discount code and cookies

Q: What is affiliate link?

A: Affiliate link is your unique link used to refer customers to our e-shop. It ends with your unique affiliate ID.

Affiliate link also contains so-called cookies (30-days cookie window). 

Example of the link: http://top4running.com?a_box=zrn9hsmp


Q: How can I create affiliate link?

A: You can create any unique affiliate link in the affilbox system using LINK GENERATOR.

Open any of our campaigns  and click on advertising elements where the link generator is located.

Find any link you want to promote and insert it into the generator.

Channels -  e.g. instagram, facebook, youtube - but you can leave it blank

Click on generate and your link is created. Copy and share!


Q: How to check correctness of the affiliate link? 

A: Open an incognito browser window and add there the link you just created. After the page loads, you can go back to affilbox. 

You should then see the first click record in your dashboard report. If you make a test order, you should see a record of the conversion in undecided status. 


Q: Why should I use affiliate link? 

A: When promoting our e-shop, it is best to send the customer directly to our website or specific product/campaign so that the customer has the easiest possible way to the e-shop/product you are reffering to. 

You also have an overview of how your promotions work and how many customers you have reached (click statistics). Also, cookies will be saved in the customer's browser. 


Q: What is an audience coupon?

A: Audience coupon is a discount code for your followers/audience.

Just like an affiliate link, it is linked to your profile and if customer uses it, you will get your commission. 


Q: How can I check what my coupon is?

A: Click on Ad Campaigns in the sidebar and find the e-shop that you are promoting.

Then, go to Advertising Elements. Your coupon will be displayed on Coupon List

If your coupon is incorrect or missing in the affilbox, please email us. 


Q: I dont have an audience coupon, what can I do?

A: We give discount codes to selected partners.

If you don't have a coupon but would like one, write to us at affiliate@top4sport.com


Q: Can I change my discount coupon?

A: Unfortunatelly not. You can contact us at affiliate@top4sport.com and we will have a look at it.


Q: How to get the best results when promoting?

A: Statistically, partners who promote their discount coupon and send customers to our e-shop via an affiliate link always have the best results.

If you are sharing only your audience code, your performance can improve rapidly when you start using affiliate link. 


Q:How does the attribution of commissions work if I use both an affiliate link and a coupon?

A: The following situations may occur during promotion:

  • The customer comes via your affiliate link (the cookie is saved on his browser) + uses your discount coupon = the commission is tracked to you
  • The customer comes via your affiliate link (the cookie is saved on his browser) + forgets to use your discount code = the commission from the order is yours thanks to the tracking affiliate link
  • The customer comes through your affiliate link but does not shop = returns after a few days = order commission is yours thanks to the cookie in the browser
  • The customer remembers your discount code and uses it without coming through your affiliate link = the commission is yours, the code itself is trackable as well. 


Q: What is cookie and how does it work? 

A: Most of the current affiliate systems are dependent on the so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored in a customer's browser. In this file, most websites write information, which he will need the next time a customer visits them. 

If a customer clicks on the affiiate link and gets to an e-shop that uses a commission program, information about who recommended you is stored in the cookie. This information will be stored in this browser for 30 days. If a customer leaves the site and makes a purchase later,, the commission for the purchase can be still tracked to you. 


Q: Is it possible that cookies are not counted?

A: Yes, several non-standard situations may occur.

  • 1. Customers visit the eshop after a time longer than the cookie was allowed to exist in their computer. 
  • 2. Customers use various cleaning tools on their computer that delete cookies. (Ad-blocks, plugins, anti-virus programs)
  • 3. Customers clicked through another affiliate link before purchasing. This second link will overwrite the original and commission will be earned by the last partner who recommended the e-shop.
  • 4. Customers use multiple browsers on the same computer, or switch between two devices.  If this happens, the cookie is stored in a specific browser/device and if the customer make purchase on another one, we are unable to track it.